Running my first half-marathon – 74

The results are in; I completed the half-marathon in two hours and three minutes – tell my knees that. For the first time in my life, I have entered a physical event, a half marathon, and I have done adequate training. During my training, I took note of how I felt during each run andContinue reading “Running my first half-marathon – 74”

Learning the hard way – 71

I have done it again; these words are coming from the mind of an un-caffeinated coffee addict. Once again I have failed to inform my partner, who handles our online shopping delivery, that we are low. I feel quite absent-minded and uber susceptible to distraction, but I will get through this post even if IContinue reading “Learning the hard way – 71”

The new and the old – week 65

I am sitting here waiting on one of those recent phenomena; I am waiting for a new keyboard and mouse to be delivered by Amazon’s prime service. Once this delivery has arrived I can engage in one of the oldest and greatest phenomena that humanity has ever created; I can return my library books. IContinue reading “The new and the old – week 65”

Starting at the peak – week 62

It is the first week of 2019 as I am writing this; staying at my parent’s house for the conclusion of 2018 had me gain two kilograms in weight. I am training for a half-marathon at the moment and consider it extra fuel for training. I will soon be back to baseline. I have startedContinue reading “Starting at the peak – week 62”

blogging on auto-pilot – week 61

It’s now December*, and I have just realised I have been writing these posts for almost a year and three months with only one week missed. It has been long enough now that I have forgotten where I got the motivation to start a blog from. I know why I am doing it, but IContinue reading “blogging on auto-pilot – week 61”

The day after the night before – week 60

As I have mentioned before, my writing is a a few months behind present day. It is the day of the Christmas party, so I will write half of this before the party and then finish it tomorrow. It is noon on Saturday, and I have been into the university to get some work done.Continue reading “The day after the night before – week 60”

Self-inflicted illness (not alcohol related) – week 59

I have missed a week for the first time in my blogging career. I missed week fifty-nine. Although, since I have been ahead of the game by three months, no one will ever notice. The reason I did not write anything last week was that I was sick. I had a fever for about aContinue reading “Self-inflicted illness (not alcohol related) – week 59”