The day after the night before – week 60

As I have mentioned before, my writing is a a few months behind present day. It is the day of the Christmas party, so I will write half of this before the party and then finish it tomorrow. It is noon on Saturday, and I have been into the university to get some work done.Continue reading “The day after the night before – week 60”

Passed – week 57

That’s how it goes, you spend three months worrying about something, and then about five minutes enjoying the completion of that thing. That is how it is for me at least. The above sentiment is the reason why I no longer get too excited or depressed about anything. Let me explain. I have spoken aboutContinue reading “Passed – week 57”

The difficult second year – week 56

I have sensed a change in my approach and attitude towards writing these pieces. A year ago, almost everything I was doing was fresh, and therefore, interesting for me to write about. Now, an equilibrium has been reached where my PhD work feels normal and normal is not interesting to me. I believe that IContinue reading “The difficult second year – week 56”

Ghost town – week 25 as a PhD student

Easter weekend has turned the university into a ghost town; I walked into the university on Thursday morning only to find myself felling Cillian Murphy in the opening scenes of 28 days later. Yes, this was written many months ago. I can tell that there is a public holiday here in the UK by theContinue reading “Ghost town – week 25 as a PhD student”

Too much writing – week 22 as a PhD student

In the latest chapter of me doing a PhD is more of a filler chapter; the story has had a brief interlude where all I do is sit at my desk and write. If only all I did was write, that would have been a much better week; instead, I wrote for about 20 minutesContinue reading “Too much writing – week 22 as a PhD student”

You should judge a book by its cover

You shouldn’t Judge a book by its cover. This is a phrase to which I take exception, and I do not know why this phrase has become so renowned as it seems so false to me. I am not talking about this phrase in its literal sense with regard to books; however, I still thinkContinue reading “You should judge a book by its cover”

Physically shaking – week 19 as a PhD student

Once again, a skill that I thought was overhyped in its importance has had a significant impact on me this week. I am talking about networking; as an introvert, this is a not a skill I enjoy nurturing. I mentioned last week that I had to give a presentation this week, it went okay. ItContinue reading “Physically shaking – week 19 as a PhD student”

A profound title – Week seventeen as a PhD student

Well, I did it, I have made a website where all of these posts will be open to comment. Of course, you already know this, as you would not be reading this if I hadn’t already done so. My experience so far is that there is a large number of people that have fitness-related blogs.Continue reading “A profound title – Week seventeen as a PhD student”

Conjunctions – what is a conjunction

This is last post of this mini-series on the basic elements of English. Next week I have an epic I have been working on about the dark arts of driving traffic to your WordPress site. Conjunctions Conjunctions allow us to create complex sentences. Without conjunctions. Our sentences. Would be short, jarring affairs. As we haveContinue reading “Conjunctions – what is a conjunction”

Determiners – What is a determiner

What is a determiner? Determiners are a class of words which include: articles, possessive adjectives (my, his, her, its, our, your, their), demonstratives (this/that, these/those) and quantifiers. The essence of determiners is that they tell us if a noun-phrase is specific or general. Therefore they must come before a noun. As we looked at articlesContinue reading “Determiners – What is a determiner”