Two years of blogging – part 1

It has now, well almost, been two years since I started publishing my ramblings on this blog, and on this occasion, I would like to engage in some reflection. I started writing short articles in an attempt to improve my writing. After several months of doing so, I thought it would be a good ideaContinue reading “Two years of blogging – part 1”

blogging on auto-pilot – week 61

It’s now December*, and I have just realised I have been writing these posts for almost a year and three months with only one week missed. It has been long enough now that I have forgotten where I got the motivation to start a blog from. I know why I am doing it, but IContinue reading “blogging on auto-pilot – week 61”

One year blogging review

Three months after I had first started my blogging experiment I wrote what has been by far my most successful blog post. It was an account of everything I had learnt during my first three months, and crucially, it was honest. I had many people comment underneath telling me how they knew something strange wasContinue reading “One year blogging review”

Becoming a hack blogger- Week 29 as a PhD student

Hack blogger mode engaged. I have guests arriving in two hours and fifteen minutes; I need to write a blog post and go to the gym. Therefore, this will be the quickest I have ever written a post. I have re-potted almost 100 rocket plants this week; we have been growing them in indoor growthContinue reading “Becoming a hack blogger- Week 29 as a PhD student”

Where the word ‘Blog’ comes from.

On my, about me page, I have mentioned that I don’t like the word ‘blog’. This Is mostly due to the connotations associated with the word. Let us see if you have the same image as me. Approximately, it is a young person, mid-twenties perhaps, with a profile picture standing on top of a cliffContinue reading “Where the word ‘Blog’ comes from.”