regression toward the mean – 89

I have come to the end of my surge in productivity and motivation. I find that I have cycles of motivation, where I am incredibly productive for around two months, and slowly this degrades into my least productive – which is where I am now. This is the concept of ‘regression toward the mean’. ForContinue reading “regression toward the mean – 89”

Thesis Reflection Attempt no 3: The beginning of a thesis’ checklist….

I am a masters student in Performance Studies, with a particular interest in dramaturgy and dance. I am also fascinated by philosophy and science and I am interested in exploring how these different fields of study can interact, challenge existing modes of knowledge, and offer alternative ways of understanding concepts such as cognition, embodiment andContinue reading “Thesis Reflection Attempt no 3: The beginning of a thesis’ checklist….”

Missing the wave – 88

The man who got into writing when media had advanced through two different formats, video and audio, is a fool? Getting into blogging in 2019 is, unbeknown to many people, a bit like getting into steam-powered vehicles – times have changed. Do you ever feel like switching to video or audio? I imagine most ofContinue reading “Missing the wave – 88”