The penultimate one – week 51

This post marks the 51st week as a PhD student. I get the sense that I should do something special for next week’s post. Maybe I will interview myself or something else with less narcissism. Writing about what I do each week as a PhD student has become quite mundane. Not necessarily because the workContinue reading “The penultimate one – week 51”

Passed a major milestone – week 50

Basking in the tranquility of the post-hand-in day. The relative care-free feeling that I am now enjoying is most welcome. It has been several months since I have felt like this. Finally, I can relax. On Wednesday I handed in my one year report, and now things are in motion that are out of myContinue reading “Passed a major milestone – week 50”

Merry Christmas! – week 49

Week forty-nine that is the longest Un-interrupted spree of anything I can remember. This post will most likely be a pivotal point as I hand in my one year report on Monday. As you may be aware, because I have been whining about it for what feels like six months, I have to hand inContinue reading “Merry Christmas! – week 49”

Making time to write – Week 45

It is Sunday morning here in England, and I am writing this blog piece early so that I can work on my report. This is not what I imagined when I started blogging. I thought It would be difficult to be consistent, but not writing early morning on a Sunday difficult. This week has beenContinue reading “Making time to write – Week 45”

Broken! – week 44 as a pH D student

Broken! Not physically or mentally, but technologically. This week, two out of two of the machines I was needing to use broke. One of them, a single quad LC-MS broke twice. I have been extracting like a third world country that has just discovered a rich mineral wealth under its feet, or a hedge fundContinue reading “Broken! – week 44 as a pH D student”

The floodgates have opened – week 42 as a PhD student

Note: this was written three months ago The rains have come after three weeks, and it genuinely feels novel. Yes, rain feels novel in England; this is the first time in my almost twenty-eight years in residence that rain has felt like a gift. It is not a closely guarded secret that England is notContinue reading “The floodgates have opened – week 42 as a PhD student”

An average week – Week 41 as a PhD student

What witty opening line can I come up with this week? I’m drawing a blank; perhaps you could suggest one. Words are merely tools and if you use the right ones you can actually put even your life in order. Hunter S Thompson I guess the first thing of note that I have done thisContinue reading “An average week – Week 41 as a PhD student”