Starting at the peak – week 62

It is the first week of 2019 as I am writing this; staying at my parent’s house for the conclusion of 2018 had me gain two kilograms in weight. I am training for a half-marathon at the moment and consider it extra fuel for training. I will soon be back to baseline. I have startedContinue reading “Starting at the peak – week 62”

blogging on auto-pilot – week 61

It’s now December*, and I have just realised I have been writing these posts for almost a year and three months with only one week missed. It has been long enough now that I have forgotten where I got the motivation to start a blog from. I know why I am doing it, but IContinue reading “blogging on auto-pilot – week 61”

The day after the night before – week 60

As I have mentioned before, my writing is a a few months behind present day. It is the day of the Christmas party, so I will write half of this before the party and then finish it tomorrow. It is noon on Saturday, and I have been into the university to get some work done.Continue reading “The day after the night before – week 60”

Self-inflicted illness (not alcohol related) – week 59

I have missed a week for the first time in my blogging career. I missed week fifty-nine. Although, since I have been ahead of the game by three months, no one will ever notice. The reason I did not write anything last week was that I was sick. I had a fever for about aContinue reading “Self-inflicted illness (not alcohol related) – week 59”

Passed – week 57

That’s how it goes, you spend three months worrying about something, and then about five minutes enjoying the completion of that thing. That is how it is for me at least. The above sentiment is the reason why I no longer get too excited or depressed about anything. Let me explain. I have spoken aboutContinue reading “Passed – week 57”

The difficult second year – week 56

I have sensed a change in my approach and attitude towards writing these pieces. A year ago, almost everything I was doing was fresh, and therefore, interesting for me to write about. Now, an equilibrium has been reached where my PhD work feels normal and normal is not interesting to me. I believe that IContinue reading “The difficult second year – week 56”

Brain fuel – week 54

We did not order any coffee to come in the shopping this week which was a slight mistake. I am writing this with a brain that is awake but very cloudy. Concentration and logical thought are a bit of a struggle. From experience, without coffee, it will take around a month to reset my coffeeContinue reading “Brain fuel – week 54”

Back to the grind – week 53

My daily routine has been skewed for the negative. For a few nights in a row I have been going to bed a couple of hours later, and consequently trying to catch up on sleep the next day. I have disrupted my morning routine by sleeping through it. This, for me, is something that hasn’tContinue reading “Back to the grind – week 53”