What does it feel like to be published for the first time?

Yesterday, I found out that the paper that I am a co-author on has been accepted for publication. This is my reflection on what it is like to be published in the world of academia. ‘Sent to production‘. Those were the words that signified the paper we had submitted had was accepted. As someone whoContinue reading “What does it feel like to be published for the first time?”

The one where I went to an academic conference for the first time – 86

This past week I attended an academic conference in the Czech Republic. I have always been sceptical about the value of academic conferences, and now I have a much more defined opinion of them. In short, they are networking holidays. At the conference I attended, I was in the minority – as a student. MostContinue reading “The one where I went to an academic conference for the first time – 86”

keeping it short – 84

This one is going to be short, partially because I want to write with brevity and partly because I really do not feel like writing at the moment. This is a disciplined writer. I would definitely be doing anything else right now. I have just returned from boxing, and my morning coffee is wearing off.Continue reading “keeping it short – 84”

Fiction vs Non Fiction – 83

For the last couple of years, I have been very good at making time to read. I have read around 40 books in the last year and a half, 95 % of which are non-fiction. When I started reading voraciously, I really enjoyed it; however, I have found that with non-fiction there are diminishing returnsContinue reading “Fiction vs Non Fiction – 83”

Cycle complete – 80

I have been writing about my adventures long enough now for events to come around again. On Monday I will be travelling to Birmingham to attend an event for PhD students. It is run by a company called the Knowledge Transfer Network whose motivation for holding this event I cannot quite grasp. I think theContinue reading “Cycle complete – 80”