Why I don’t think I will be a successful scientist

I have been comparing myself to established scientists within my field, and without exception, the result of my comparison leaves me thinking that I do not want to be like any of those people. I suspect this is mostly my naivety clouding my opinion, but there is a vital component to being a scientist whichContinue reading “Why I don’t think I will be a successful scientist”

World class procrastination – FIFA world cup

A sporting event has got in the way of me writing a post this week, and it was for a sport I don’t usually care about. However, this world cup has felt different, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it did feel different. Looking through social media, it seems everyone other English-man/woman seems to feel the same.

Marriage is a fine institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.

I feel as if I have to give some pre-amble to this post as I think it will trigger quite a few people. Please try and have an open mind about the following subject as I find people will defend their positions very strongly without the use of facts. The reason, I have felt theContinue reading “Marriage is a fine institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.”

On time or of time, or simply, time?

Of all the ideas and concepts that I have encountered, nothing confused and enthuses me more than time. It is a concept I have trouble understanding, so explaining my views will be difficult. I will try anyway. For the day-to-day experience of life, it seems that time is an Inherent force like gravity or electromagnetism.Continue reading “On time or of time, or simply, time?”

On exams – the worst part of being a student?

One of the best things about being a graduate, at least for me, Is the knowledge that I will not have to sit formal exams again. I will have assessments, but there will never be a time when I have to sit in a room in silence with only a pen and a strong senseContinue reading “On exams – the worst part of being a student?”

Hayfever – I cry every time.

It is that time of year where, without medication, I would be an eye-watering, sneezing mess. It makes me wonder how my ancestors coped as I do not understand how they could leave the house and be productive without medication. My allergies coincide with early British summer; how did my ancestors work on the fieldsContinue reading “Hayfever – I cry every time.”

You should judge a book by its cover

You shouldn’t Judge a book by its cover. This is a phrase to which I take exception, and I do not know why this phrase has become so renowned as it seems so false to me. I am not talking about this phrase in its literal sense with regard to books; however, I still thinkContinue reading “You should judge a book by its cover”

Where the word ‘Blog’ comes from.

On my, about me page, I have mentioned that I don’t like the word ‘blog’. This Is mostly due to the connotations associated with the word. Let us see if you have the same image as me. Approximately, it is a young person, mid-twenties perhaps, with a profile picture standing on top of a cliffContinue reading “Where the word ‘Blog’ comes from.”

How digital cameras work

Some of my PhD work involves the use of cameras, and pre-empting a talk I will inevitably have to give at some point, I should learn how they work. The first thing you need to know is that cameras detect electromagnetic radiation. For us humans, we can only detect this radiation between the wavelength ofContinue reading “How digital cameras work”

My experience of blogging over the last three months on WordPress – The good and the ethically questionable.

This is going to be a review of my experience of blogging and the word press platform, and how I have gone from 0-750+ followers in three months. I will pre-warn you that not everything I talk about is going to be in the realm of good ethical behaviour. Things I have learned: Tags are importantContinue reading “My experience of blogging over the last three months on WordPress – The good and the ethically questionable.”