Learning to learn

Do you remember when facts and knowledge were valuable? Maybe I am remembering a society that never existed, which is quite likely, but I always thought that pathological liers were prohibited from significant stakes in society. Looking at politics, this is clearly not the case. I am coming towards the end of my PhD, andContinue reading “Learning to learn”

Two years of blogging – part 1

It has now, well almost, been two years since I started publishing my ramblings on this blog, and on this occasion, I would like to engage in some reflection. I started writing short articles in an attempt to improve my writing. After several months of doing so, I thought it would be a good ideaContinue reading “Two years of blogging – part 1”

Growing pains – my views on growing an audience

I have noticed that a lot of people have been asking for advice on how to grow their blog over the last few weeks. I am not sure why that all of a sudden people seem to be asking me this. Maybe I have passed a certain threshold of followers that has given me bloggingContinue reading “Growing pains – my views on growing an audience”

Let’s talk sponsorship!

I need your help, I have come across an issue that, until now, I have never thought about seriously. Last week an email arrived in my inbox with the title “Let’s talk about sponsorship”. The email was from a representative of a software company that I had never heard of, asking if I would likeContinue reading “Let’s talk sponsorship!”

One year of blogging, an interview with the author – week 52

I thought I would do I post in a question and answer style, just to make things more interesting for myself as the writing style has become tiresome of late. So, why did you start and why have you continued to write? Thanks for the questions. I started writing, as I explain in my ‘AboutContinue reading “One year of blogging, an interview with the author – week 52”

One year blogging review

Three months after I had first started my blogging experiment I wrote what has been by far my most successful blog post. It was an account of everything I had learnt during my first three months, and crucially, it was honest. I had many people comment underneath telling me how they knew something strange wasContinue reading “One year blogging review”

lessons learned from working with an editor

First of all, here is the post I have now written my second ever guest post. In exchange for a piece about the afterlife on cafephilos, I got the opportunity to have someone else edit my work. I think this is important for my development as a writer and look forward to working with manyContinue reading “lessons learned from working with an editor”

Religion and Spirituality

When I was younger it seemed that religion was the default setting that we were programmed with; this is a view I no longer have. As soon as someone told me that God ruled everything, I asked ‘who made God?’ I have never been given a suitable answer to this question. In fact, I haveContinue reading “Religion and Spirituality”