Mental resilience through increased stress – week 70

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My to-do list is peaking at the moment. I have come to the beginning of what is potentially going to be a couple of unusually busy weeks.

But first, I need to tell you something about my state of being. I had my first ‘proper’ boxing class yesterday afternoon, and I am still feeling the effects of it I think. I am very lethargic today and quite spaced out mentally.

We were partnered up and were practicing the blocking of very light shots to the head; after a hundred or so punches, even with light punches, you still feel a little dizzy. It was very good fun though, so I shall be continuing with it; however, I do not wish for the level to rise more than light punches as I need my brain cells!

I am off to play a round of crazy golf in Oxford shortly; I hope the boxing won’t affect my game!

The primary reason as to my upsurge in busyness is that I have to start a new trial on Monday, which involves me driving to pick up the samples. When I moved to the city in which I currently reside, I got rid of my car as it was an unnecessary expense. So when I do need to travel, I have to organise a hire car, and as organisation is my enemy, it can get quite stressful.

It is not stressful in itself, but when you combine it with having to speak to suppliers etcetera to arrange delivery, the stress adds up. Another added factor is that I don’t know exactly what time my samples will be ready for collection – this adds extra tension as I have a time limit in which I have to return the car. This whole process hinges on several people that are not me which causes more stress than I would like.

I do feel that the more times I have done this, the more relaxed I am becoming about the situation, so there is a kind of progress I suppose.

On Tuesday, I have an even more stressful day as I need to take measurements from the samples all day. At lunchtime, I have my Industrial sponsors coming for a meeting, where we have to discuss the project. It is going okay in my opinion, but it is always nerve-racking having to present to someone that is giving you money! Even though it is an excellent learning opportunity, it is always to difficult to see it like that. What it actually feels like is an interrogation.

So, if I can through the first few days of this week without any dramas I will be much more relaxed! So far, nothing has gone catastrophically wrong with the project. I am aware of the gambler’s fallacy, but I still have that sense that a catastrophic event is due.

In the end, I expect it to be quite a normal week; I expect it will more enjoyable than normal, but all the possibilities of how events could deviate toward the negative are hard to control!

See you on the other side!

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18 thoughts on “Mental resilience through increased stress – week 70

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. It feels intimate and at times on edge, even now with civilized punches to the head; yet it also always feels clean, comforting and reliable. Like a good cup of spicy tea.

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