blogging on auto-pilot – week 61

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It’s now December*, and I have just realised I have been writing these posts for almost a year and three months with only one week missed.

It has been long enough now that I have forgotten where I got the motivation to start a blog from. I know why I am doing it, but I cannot remember where the initial spark of motivation came from. I was probably reading someone else’s blog and thought I should do it.

Anyway, here we are 62 weeks later, and the compulsion to write a blog post is equivalent to my desire to go to the gym. Desire is not the right word, It is more routine than that, and I often write or go to the gym when I have no desire to.

It is a discipline that I can’t see my self breaking free from; this is good news as far as consistency goes, but it certainly enriches my day as much as it used to.

I wonder how many of you out there are also in this state, drifting through the blogging process on auto-pilot?

Perhaps, much like my day job, I need a break so that I can come back more motivated – hopefully.

Taking a break from something you do as a ‘hobby’ seems like a strange concept to me, and I haven’t really thought about it before. I think taking a break from the normal life is the important part. If I have a break where I stay at home for a week, I think I will not get the reset that is required to reset.

Getting away and doing something completely different seems like the correct way to have a holiday for me. Going skiing for example, where I am busy all day doing something else, and I can’t do any work! The only problem I can see if that is wherever I go on holiday, I will always be there.

I think I have just completed my final week of 2018; things have been winding now for a while, and absolutely everyone is on their last legs. Most people in the lab are rushing to finish things so that they can have some time off over the Christmas period and I am no exception. I endeavor to stop doing any work after the 21st of December.

I am going to write a post in January about my year in review. I have lots of different places I can draw data, from such as my health, my finances and blogging statistics. I am looking forward to producing this data-driven blog post. I think it will be as good as my most popular post about my three-month blogging experience.

So look forward to that if you want!

*Yes this was written a few months ago.

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23 thoughts on “blogging on auto-pilot – week 61

  1. Taking a break from a hobby is a weird thought but it isn’t that weird. In actuality I see myself doing that with things like tv or social media, but I know what you mean. I have my 8 years of blogging anniversary this month. I’ve taken a few breaks but not many. It’s what I do now and it’s good for me. I hope it’s goid for my readers too. Anyway, congratulations on your accomplishments both in blogging and in life.

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  2. I completely agree with the break concept…if it’s something you do for a reason. For example, you feel you HAVE to write your blog because of xyz. I find that I don’t feel so tied down or obligated to write because I only write when I have something I need to vent about, discuss, or just get out of my head and onto paper in order to really grasp it. My last break was 3 years plus some, and ultimately it was good for me to live in the real world, but at the same time- I look back and see that so much of what was going on could have been handled differently if I had just been able to see the situations clearly. But considering how many followers you have, I have a feeling that a sense of obligation may grow higher for you than it does me. 🙂 Good luck, though! I’m sure it’ll be good for you regardless of what you decide-

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      1. Haha! That made me smile. Er, yes… although I guess butcher it quite a bit! 😆 Is yours?
        BTW, I see your number of followers is at 4444 at this moment. What a beautiful number!


        1. I didn’t mean it as a negative! I was wondering if your first language was French. It is one thing to be able to speak two languages well, but writing in two seems to me to be a much greater skill.

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  3. I liked the feel of your sincerity…and true…we all have been primarily functioning on autopilot…which is required for consistency…but to push the envelope, to grow and evolve..something else is needed, which isn’t on autopilot…keep up the fantastic work…

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  4. I couldn’t blog on auto-pilot. If I stop enjoying writing my blog then I will take a long break from it and hopefully recharge my batteries and find renewed enthusiasm…..if that didn’t work then I’d just stop blogging. At my age….at my point in life….if it’s not enjoyable I don’t do it. Life’s too short. Have fun.

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  5. I am a firm believer that writing “blah blah blah garbage” is better than not writing at all but sometimes pulling the words out hurts more then leaving them deep within. I enjoy you referencing it to being consistent like exercise. I can’t skip the gym and when I feel like not going, I hit the gym even harder almost punish myself to never think so poorly again. I have not been able to do the same with words however. I admire your ability to do so.


  6. Congratulations on you blogging record and your Ph.D. progress. I am sort of blogging in the darkness and have been at it about as long as you have with some “breaks” however. Taking a break is a good idea. Whatever you do, don’t neglect your personal relationships. Your blog is much better than mine in very many respects, so take my advice with a healthy grain of salt. Best of luck.


  7. “coming back and reading what I have produced, I am unable to detect the difference between what came easily and when I had to sit down and say, ‘Well, now it’s writing time and now I’ll write.’ There’s no difference on paper between the two.”
    — Frank Herbert


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