Where the word ‘Blog’ comes from.

On my, about me page, I have mentioned that I don’t like the word ‘blog’. This Is mostly due to the connotations associated with the word.

Let us see if you have the same image as me. Approximately, it is a young person, mid-twenties perhaps, with a profile picture standing on top of a cliff or [insert scenic cliché], and the filter used makes it very envious. It’s mainly a picture that says look how great and exciting I am, come and learn how you can be more like me. If you want to experience this post in 4d, I recommend putting on in the background ‘That positive feeling’ by Alumno or ‘make it shine’ by Sophonic or better yet ‘Carefree’ by Kevin Mcleod. Does this put in mind blogging to you?

Since I have said that I do not like the word I thought I should find out where it came from. A quick google search and I am on Wikipedia. Not the best source for academic enquiry, but seeing as this is quite frothy it will do.

According to Wikipedia, the word blog is a truncation of the ‘word’ weblog, as in web-log. This seems to make sense to me; people have kept logs for the ages, and I mostly associate the word with nautical . If you’re keeping a log on the web, it makes sense to call it a web-log. Would web-diary, or webdi have been a better alternative, we will never know. I am sure you can have fun with potential alternatives.

To read the blog of the person who coined the word blog look here!

According to the same Wikipedia page, there are over 156 million blogs in existence. That means that the chance that you’re reading this particular blog is less likely than winning the lottery? It also puts into perspective how much competition there is to be a successful blogger. Based on these numbers it should surely be one of the biggest industries in the world. To put it another way, 0.00064% of bloggers have followed this blog.

My opinion of the average blogger has changed a lot in the three months I have been weblogging. The picture I have of a blogger now is an artisan that produces interesting niche content in many forms for seemingly no other reason than catharsis. Maybe there is a hint of, ‘I know I am better than 95% of people, so surely I will become successful as a blogger’. Superiority illusion is surely a key driver for a lot of things, and weblogging would be no exception.

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37 thoughts on “Where the word ‘Blog’ comes from.

  1. I would like to think I’m in the catharsis camp…particulalry as my blog is eclectically straying from my original premise! And I’m definitely not in my 20’s lol. Good read…never knew where ‘blog’ came from either!😊


  2. I don’t know if I’m better than 95% of folks out there – never thought of things that way. I’ve never been good at math or estimating distances or amounts so maybe that’s why my thoughts don’t go that direction. I do like blogging, though. I’ve been doing it for over seven years. In person or on paper I like to encourage people or give them something positive to think about. Funny that I never looked up the word “blog” before. You are so informative!


  3. Great post! Neither in the catharsis camp, nor in the “’m better than 95% of folks out there” camp. Ha Ha. In a “creative writing improvement as a hobby + getting inspired from others” camp. New to blogging as well, and in my late 20s. I never though about the origins of the word “blog”. It all makes sense, now.

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  4. This is so great. I so needed this laugh. I have three points to contribute. 1) I am 54 years old. I don’t use filters, and I don’t use this platform to talk about my exotic hikes, my food, or my make-up. I am happy to bust the stereotype. 2) I love the word “frothy”. I haven’t thought of that in ages. Thanks for that. and…3) I never do, but I may go buy a lottery ticket.


  5. Very interesting post! I think I’m in the catharsis camp… that and trying to get back to basics with unplugged woodworking. Thanks for the info… never knew where ‘blog’ came from.


  6. At first I was a little sheepish when telling people I’m a blogger because that amounts to pretty much nothing as far as most people are concerned. But I learned to embrace it and say it with pride after spending a couple years getting the blog where I want it. I’ve always thought “weblog” sounded too clunky and never used it.

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  7. Interesting… I actually knew where the word “blog” came from because I looked it up before I started mine 5 years ago. I am amazed it has been that long. I began mine with the intent to encourage myself to write every day and I did for a while. Then I went to once a week… then once a month etc. I will blog on occasion now but I am back to trying it once a week for the summer. I read your about page and I commend you for completing you Phd. I am currently in school myself and will have my Bachelor’s next May (2019). I returned to school at 49 (for fun) NOT KIDDING! Because I am one of those weirdos that enjoys school…now. I went to school after I graduated from high school but I didn’t understand what college was or why it was necessary or why I should not take it for granted. As they say 20/20 hind vision. But as an adult, I have learned the essence of knowledge and growth. I strive for authenticity and I love school and who I am now. I decided to create a goal to finish what I started and I have a lot of support with it (and nah sayers) whatever… screw them. I am doing this for me! So major kudos to you for going for you Phd and for having a blog to track your progress and improve your writing skills! ROCK ON!! ❤


    1. I enjoy learning, I am not so sure about school. Good luck with your degree, although you won’t need it! I like your title ‘Blog me this’.


  8. I have never thought about what the average blogger looks like. I wanted to write my thoughts down and blogging was a good way of keeping a record of them.
    I don’t for one moment imagine anyone being jealous of my profile picture or that I will end up with a huge following.
    I could keep my blog private, but I’m hopeful that one person may find it interesting, or that my son might want to read it when I’m gone 😂


  9. I 😍 your opinion on the word BLOG to be honest I don’t even know the real definition of BLOG, although the word hasn’t really bothered me I kind of like the word BLOG! Anyway great thoughts and I do believe you’ll become a great blogger one day (You allready are but like the professionals)


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