Your site deserves a boost?

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Since I have been posting on this platform, I have been reminded each time I log in that ‘Your site deserves a boost!’ As the goal of my posts are to improve my writing the measure of success from this is my writing improving there is no monetary incentive. I am not convinced that my site ‘deserves a boost’, seeing as 100% of the traffic to this site comes from WordPress’s ‘reader’ I am not sure that a boost would achieve anything. If you’re a fellow blogger and have given your site a boost, please let me know what your experience of this has been! Has your traffic and interaction with readers significantly improved?

Why and at what point did you decide to upgrade?

Besides ‘’ just so happens to be my preferred URL, so the joke is on you WordPress!

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8 thoughts on “Your site deserves a boost?

  1. I’m new to this WordPress malarkey and honestly, feels like pretty slow going. The only way I’ve tried to increase traffic is linking my personal Facebook but I don’t always want to bombard people with my writing like that. Tags have been helpful but other than that it’s just trying to keep some engagement with people – good luck with your site! Looks really helpful so you have yourself a new follower :3


    1. Hello charmingdestruction,

      I applaud you for linking with your Facebook account, I have chosen to remain anonymous for the moment, it’s too scary! Your site looks as if it is going well for someone who is new! you must be doing it right!

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      1. Heya! I’m a creative writing student in my final year and everyone’s doing it and I used to post on blogger (but who even uses that these days) and had zero traffic (was having four views in a year and probably all four of them were me! 😂) and thank you :3 I’m trying really hard. You might find that posting at similar times might help? Some people say that helps with readership but I’m not too sure myself


        1. Ahh, well that explains a lot! I am a first year PhD student in Food and Nutritional Sciences and got here in spite of my writing ability, so this blog is primarily me trying to improve my writing skills, rather than showcase ability like yourself!

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          1. It’s how it starts though! I started to write just to pass time years ago and to improve my skills and I just really enjoy doing it, even if it’s just describing what’s happened in your day. You’re pretty darn good already :3 if you ever need any help with anything, get in contact 🙂


  2. I have the same feelings with the previous reactors. It is just so uneasy that wordpress needs this and that for that traffic thing. Your goal is to improve your writing, mine is to reach more souls. I just hope that we find both out lights here. 😂


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